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Hues & Shades Art Competition - December 2019
(Please come prepared for the competition to be held during the art class in the week starting 16th December, 2019)
Group A (Class 6 and below) : Wonderland School
Have you ever imagined what would happen if one morning you got off the school bus and found that your school had transformed into a Wonderland? What would your school look like? Would there be books or something else? What would happen to the chairs and tables? What would the play area look like? What other interesting things would be there? Can you draw a picture to show us a glimpse of this wonderland?
Group B (Class 7 and above) : Life by the Banks of River Ganga
Considered to be one of the holiest rivers in India, river Ganga has borne witness to innumerable historical events through the ages. Men and women have toiled on the banks of this mighty river to shape the destiny of this great nation. On its banks are places of historical importance that have defined and continue to define the progress of the timeless Indian Civilization. From the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal this river represents the very ethos of the Indian people and their way of life. Over time immemorial Ganga has pervaded the imagination of artists and poets who have captured its many vignettes in works of art and literature. Can you follow in their footsteps and capture a glimpse of any historical place, structure or activity on the banks of the river Ganga in a drawing of your own?
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