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Art Field Trip - February 2012
Hues & Shades conducted its first Art Field Trip for its advanced art class students on 5th February, Sunday, 2012. As part of this Art Field Trip students were taken outdoors and were required to draw a landscape from real life observation. Drawing from observation is an important skill that a student of art needs to learn. This Art Field Trip gave an opportunity to the students to practice this skill. I wish to thank my students and parents for their cooperation and enthusiasm for the field trip.

Please find below some glimpses from the Art Field Trip. You can also find the works of my students made during the field trip towards the bottom of this page.
Art Work made during Field Trip
The following are the art works created by my students (in alphabetical order) during the field trip. The students were split into two groups with a slightly different view. Two photos showing the views have also been included for reference.
View for Group 1
View for Group 2
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