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Welcome to Hues & Shades Online Art Classes
Hues & Shades has been successfully conducting contact art classes for children between the age of 6 to 16 years since 2009. The art classes for adults, which is a very unique blend of on-line and face-to-face instruction, was launched in November, 2014.

There are eight short term art and one long term art courses in all. Each course allows a student sufficient time and flexibility to complete the course work and has adequate contact sessions where students interact with the tutor in person. The format of the courses allow the tutor to customize the course content to suit the specific needs of individual students. We are sure these courses along with the guidance of the tutor will help any interested adult to acquire drawing & painting skills.
Online Art Courses
Hues & Shades offers the following online courses.

   -  Basic Drawing
   -  Pastel
   -  Charcoal
   -  Coloured Pencil
   -  Pen & Ink
   -  Human Figure
   -  Water Colour
   -  Acrylic Colour

Each course has been carefully graded from easy to hard exercises. All concepts are taught by the teacher in the face-to-face sessions. The students are required to complete the exercises at their own pace and submit their art work by uploading it in the on-line application for written critique by the tutor.

Each course has a recommended duration for completion but students are allowed to take up to a maximum of twice the recommended time to complete the course. Students can pace their submissions based on their personal time table within this timeframe. Students have the flexibility to schedule their face-to-face sessions with the tutor based on a published calendar after completion of each course milestone.

The entire course plan is made available to the student online post registration. The student can track the progress of the course against this plan.
About the tutor
The tutor for the courses, Mahua Pal, is a practicing artist. A self taught artist, Mahua has completed one certificate and two Diploma courses from London Art College via distance education to augment her skills. Mahua has been teaching art to children since 2009.

You can read more about Mahua, her art class and also see her art work at
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