Hues & Shades Art Classes
Acrylic Colour Course
Acrylic is a quick drying water based medium unlike Oil and is often considered a substitute for Oil. For many aspiring artists Acrylic is a stepping stone to Oil paints. Though a relatively new medium that has been around for 60 years it has evolved into a medium in its own right no lesser than Oil. Many artists like its quick drying nature and vibrant colours. This course takes the student on a journey of exploration in the world of Acrylics.

This course is suitable for any adult who has basic drawing skills and is able to sketch. If a student is not comfortable with sketching the Basic Drawing course is recommended.

At the completion of this course the student will be able make successful acrylic paintings.

This course consists of 12 exercises, 2 assignments and 7 one and half hours (90 mins) face-to-face classes.
The duration of this course is 12 months however students may take upto two years to complete the course.
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