Hues & Shades Art Classes
Basic Drawing Course
This is an introductory course that does not assume any prior knowledge of drawing. In this course students learn how to draw covering basic concepts like perspective, shapes, tonality, light & shadow, etc. The course also covers still life drawing. The medium used for drawing is pencil. This is an excellent starting point for people who simply want to draw well.

This course is suitable for any adult who has an enthusiasm for drawing and has a willingness and some patience to learn.

At the completion of this course the student will be able to sketch and will be conversant with all the basics of drawing. For students new to drawing this course is a prerequisite to the other courses.

This course consists of 18 exercises, six assignments and seven one hour face-to-face classes.
The duration of this course is six months however students may take up to a year to complete the course.
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