Hues & Shades Art Classes
Water Colour Course
Learning to paint in watercolour is the starting point for many aspiring artists after they have learnt drawing techniques. However there is a need to follow a structured approach to what can be a difficult and frustrating medium if not used properly. This course takes a step by step and structured approach to mastering this medium. It covers various techniques like Washes and overlays, Creating Texture, Line and Wash, Tortures, etc.

This course is suitable for any adult who has basic drawing skills and is able to sketch. If a student is not comfortable with sketching the Basic Drawing course is recommended.

At the completion of this course the student will be able make successful water colour paintings.

This course consists of 30 exercises, 10 assignments and 11 one hour face-to-face classes.
The duration of this course is 12 months however students may take upto two years to complete the course.
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