Samarth's Page
Samarth is a 16 years old
boy with
Autism. Inspite
of his limited ability to
communicate orally he is
very expressive with the
brush. He also writes
very thoughtful things
which are very relavent
in life today. Each of his
paintings has a theme
that goes well beyond his
age. This page contains
thumbnail images of his
pantings. Clicking on a
thumbnail image will
show an enlarged picture
of the painting with a
write up on each. These
writeups were written by
Samarth himself.
Don't Give Up
Life in Sea
Foot Print
Living Space
Green Plants
Black Mark
Spend in Limit
Share Feeling
Green Trees
Seven Horses
Sun Rising
Long Neck
Pollution Control
Water Falls
River Ganga
Positive Attitude
Tortoise God
Survival of the Fittest
Life Evolution
Spend in Limit
Water Falls
Green Plants
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